Best International Travel Luggage

The Guide to find the Best Travel Luggage

Thinking about that summer holiday already? So if you’ve planned your trip and now looking for some new travel luggage, then this article is written for you and will help you in choosing your ideal travel companion.

When shopping for luggage, it’s important to find a piece that’s going to survive the pitfalls of baggage handling. Therefore, it should be extremely sturdy and durable. You need the right type of luggage which suit your requirement and also fits Airline Luggage Rules. It will help you avoid extra fees and enable you to comply with carry-on restrictions and check-in weight limits.

Figuring out which luggage to buy isn’t easy. With a number of styles, sizes, and prices to compare, the task can be overwhelming. Whether you are planning to go on a short trip or for a long vacation, always go with the luggage that’s durable and easy to carry. My favourite suitcase is – The Sympatico Medium Expandable Spinner, but what suitcase is right for you and your needs?

Though there are a lot of factors to consider – size, budget, longevity, purpose or duration of your visit, etc. Since I’ve been searching a lot on the internet for the best ones available in the market, I’ve outlined three main choices here for you to consider when buying that perfect luggage.

1. Hard-Sided or Soft-Sided

Hard-sided cases are slowly gaining popularity because of the newer lightweight materials. They are made with high-tech plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate, which are both lightweight and durable. ABS is the lightest, but polycarbonate is more durable. Aluminium is the most durable but is the heaviest too.

These hard cases are best for protecting fragile items and can take the reasonable level of abuse without damage and mainly come with four wheels for easy movement. Some glossy finished can get scratched easily though.

The downside is that they tend to weigh more due to the outer material and do not offer flexibility. In a way, it is an advantage for people who get carried away and tend to overpack. These will not allow you to over pack because of being non-flexible in nature.

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Soft-sided cases are still more popular in the market. These are made of fabrics that move and yield, usually a woven nylon fabric, such as Cordura or ballistic nylon. Ballistic is the shinier one and over the time can abrade, but abrasions will not compromise the strength of the fabric. Cordura is a little softer and abrasion-resistant.

Soft-sided suitcases are flexible due to their very nature. It enables you to squeeze in those extra outfits. Bringing back holiday souvenirs? Possible with this kind of luggage. Fabric flexibility also comes in handy when storing the bag at home.

These suitcases generally come with front pockets where you can hold documents, tickets, and other essentials that should be easily accessed at any moment.

The downside is that these are not as protective as hard-shelled for the fragile items and also vulnerable to ripping (if not high-quality). It can be a disadvantage if you tend to over pack!

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2. Two Wheels or Four Wheels

What could be easier than gliding through an airport with a snazzy suitcases spinner with four wheels? These suitcases can be dragged, pushed, moved from side to side and spun around. Four spinner wheels provide seamless 360-degree movement and allow simple and easy transportation. These are ideal for smooth surfaces like airport or hotel lobbies. On a trickier terrain though, you’ll have to drag them along on two wheels.

The downside to a four-wheel suitcase is that some of your allowed cabin size is in the wheels, meaning that the packing capacity is reduced than a two wheel version.

On the other hand, two-wheel suitcases offer the solution for those looking to pack the maximum for their travel. Unlike the four-wheel versions, they don’t lose some capacity with the wheel space. They are practical in the real world of pavements and less smooth surfaces and last but not the least they are usually a bit cheaper than the four-wheel version.

The downside is that you have to pull these along, which can sometimes feel inconvenient.

3. Cabin-size or larger

This factor totally depends on the duration of your visit. You need to analyse how much stuff you will be carrying. Quite clearly, you would not want to carry large size luggage for the weekend trip and likewise would not want a cabin size for a month long Cruise!

For many people, cabin size cases work best which they can keep in their overhead locker or under the seat on the plane. They just want to grab their bag and go rather than waiting to collect their checked-in bag in the baggage reclaim area.

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Make sure any suitcase you buy, complies with the size limits of your chosen carrier as different airlines have different size and weight rules. See here for a complete Cabin Restriction Guide.

Below are my top 5 choices of the best international travel luggage. Consider these before coming to the decision of buying your perfect travel companion.



Sympatico Medium Expandable Spinner

This Briggs & Riley make is both stylish and practical. It is expandable (allow those extra pieces of clothing) which is not usual with hard-shell suitcases. The expansion feature increases the packing capacity by 17 percent, then compressed back to original size.

Sympatico suitcase has four double spinner wheels for lower centre of gravity and effortless 360 degrees navigation. Its made of polycarbonate which is one of the highly durable materials.

These are available in four colours – Black, Burgundy, Blue and Onyx; and four different sizes – 55 cm, 68 cm, 69 cm and 76 cm.


  • Expandable hard case
  • TSA-ready locks
  • Easy Manoeuvrability
  • High-quality construction


  • None – Could not find any negative hence my favourite!

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With USB Charger and Bluetooth

Have you heard of a Smart Luggage? If not, then this one will take you as a surprise! Yes, this is called Smart Technology. Just connect with your smartphone and lock/unlock with the touch of a button and also receive notifications whenever your suitcase enters/leaves your location.

This Smart suitcase has a built-in USB charger port. You can charge your phone or tablet on the go and also charge your USB power pack via the line-in port, without needing to take it out of the suitcase. It also features a built-in digital luggage scale in the top carry handle. Weight displayed includes the weight of the suitcase itself, and units can be displayed in Kilograms (Kg), Pounds (lb) or ounces (oz) to 2 decimal places. Smart ain’t it?

Apart from these special features, the outer shell is made of ABS hard shell plastic which is durable, lightweight and anti-scratch. All in all, a very SMART and Stylish suitcase.


  • SMART Technology
  • Built-in USB charger port
  • Built-in Luggage Scale
  • ABS Hard Shell Protection
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Currently on Sale


  • Can be too technical for some people
  • Can be restricted in some airlines because of the battery involved. Its advisable to check with your carrier.

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3. Samsonite

S’Cure Dlx Spinner Suitcase

This stylish spinner suitcase is made of a newly moulded polypropylene called Flowlite for providing maximum strength. It is one of the suitcases of The S’Cure DLX collection made in Europe and is luxurious in appearance and design.

There is 3 point locking system and has built-in TSA lock for secure travel. The special features include – separate folding frame for suits, laundry/shoe compartment which is detachable, Telescopic Handle and Packing Straps.

S’Cure Dlx Spinner Suitcases are available in a variety of colours and comes with a limited 5-year global warranty.


  • Extremely Light-weight
  • 5-year global warranty
  • Lots of new features
  • Many colours to choose from


  • The numbers on the lock are a bit small; can be an issue for some people.

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Bon Air Suitcase Spinner

The American Tourister Bon Air Suitcase Spinner is made with extremely strong polypropylene material. It has four smooth and silent wheels, which allow 360 degrees rolling in multiple directions for easier manoeuvrability. The wheel handle is an adjustable multi-stage push button locking handle to suit any size traveller, while the top carry handle provides a firm grip and comfortable lifting.

With super lightness and extreme strength, this American Tourister Bon Air Suitcase Spinner comes complete with a fixed 3 digit TSA combination lock to protect your belongings.


  • Extremely strong and light-weight
  • Reasonable price
  • Lots of new features
  • Many colours to choose from
  • Currently on Sale


  • Prone to scratches if handled badly

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In case, you are after a stylish, practical and affordable luggage set, then this AEROLITE 3 piece Travel Suitcase Luggage Set fits the bill. These are lightweight, anti-scratch and have strong ABS hard shell protection.

These come in 3 different sizes to suit your needs and each case includes a free 3-digit combination barrel padlock for extra security. A 5-year guarantee for ultimate peace of mind!


  • Very good value for the price
  • Stylish and practical
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Currently on Sale


  • None

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I hope you’ve found this article helpful in narrowing down your choice. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section on what you consider to be the best suitcases for travel?


  1. The aerolites look like a good option… I like the smart version, but i wonder about the durability of the electronics. The scale is a good idea… esp for some of my relatives who don’t travel light!

    1. Yes, the Aerolites are a very good option. They are stylish, durable and good value for the price. The smart version does come with a 5-year guarantee for that peace of mind.

  2. This is a very informative article. From my experience, I purchased the wrong luggage bag and after a very long trip, it ripped at the bottom (causing difficulties when pulling the bag on its wheels). I’ll be keeping a name or two of these because I don’t want to spend a ton of money again on a luggage back that will easily damage. I love the 4 wheels because it does make it easier to maneuver the bag around. I may even consider a hard luggage because I tend to over pack and then I end up paying additional luggage fees. Ugh. But really love the aerolite for the fact that it has 3 different options, all on 4 wheels, and the lock that it comes with is convenient!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Michelle. I’m glad you found the article useful. Aerolites are actually a very good choice. They are stylish and practical both. Yes the hard ones will not allow you to over pack hence save your money on luggage weight 🙂 

  3. Who knew smart luggage was a thing!? That’s amazing! This is a great example of an informative review that gives someone information that they never would have known otherwise. Thanks for the great reviews!

    1. Thank you Mike for the great comment. I’m glad you found it useful and informative.

  4. When my wife and I got married a little under 2 years ago, one of the things we didn’t get off of our registry was a travel luggage set. We still need to get one! So I’ll definitely keep in mind some of the options you pointed out here. A lot of good information! I admit I am all about technology so the Aerolite Smart Luggage sounds like it would be right up my alley, although not my wife’s. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Jeremy. Glad you found the information useful. Aerolite indeed is a great choice!

  5. Luggage has come a long way over the years. I really love the aerolite smart luggage with the bluetooth and USB charger. Wow, how nifty! Those will definitely come in handy for sure. Thanks for all these great choices. I am due for some new luggage. I actually like to replace mine every couple of years. Got to be stylish when traveling!

    1. Aerolite is a great choice and very popular too! Glad you liked my choices. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. I’ll definitely be going for the aerolite smart luggage with the bluetooth and USB charger. SO COOL. Thanks for helping me out with these amazing and detailed reviews! I am due for some new luggage so this post came at the right time.

    1. Aerolite smart luggage is indeed a great choice! I’m glad you found the post useful. Thank you for stopping by.

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