Holiday Home or Hotel – Which one would you choose?


Whenever I start planning for a holiday, the first question comes to my mind – Holiday home or Hotel?

Holiday homes is the newest trend where you have all the comforts of a home and feel like a local of that place. These self-catering holiday homes or apartments are soaring high in popularity in recent years due to many benefits that come with renting one. Being an avid traveler, I’ve experienced living in all sorts of accommodations from luxurious hotels to basic camp sites. I have even got the opportunity to stay in holiday homes. Both of these serves different purpose for me. Here, I ‘ve summarize the advantages of holiday homes and hotels over each another.


Advantages of Holiday Homes over Hotels


First and foremost is the difference in price. Holiday homes offer better value specially when there are more than two people staying. Hotel meals, bar, WiFi, parking charges and all other services come at an extra cost. They all add up and make the hotels a much more expensive option.

Privacy and Space

When we compare a standard hotel room with a private holiday home, the latter offers much more in terms of space. More than extra space, it’s the added privacy you get in a holiday home. For a big family or a get together, all can socialise under one roof than in separate rooms of a hotel. There are comfortable spaces like the terrace, the dining room or the garden at your discretion. This flexibility cannot be found in a hotel. You can also live and enjoy your holidays at your own pace. So not to worry about waking up early for the breakfast, allowing you to linger over a late breakfast in your pyjamas if you please!

Additional Services and Amenities

Most holiday rentals offer free WiFi, kitchen, washing machine etc. You can prepare your meals and save money on hotel meals or restaurants. The kitchen is always equipped with everything needed to prepare a breakfast or lunch without having to get to the restaurant or bar every day. You can also do your laundry which can cut down on your luggage weight and costs.

Authentic Travel

Holiday apartments or homes can offer a much richer travel experience as guests really do have to go out and experience the local life even if it just means going to the local shops for groceries. It’s a great way to experience the local culture too. To shop at a local fishmonger, fruit and vegetables market, the restaurant with typical products and dine at a local restaurant. Some houses are located in places where a hotel cannot be. They are not always centralised near the popular tourist destinations. This allows you to explore the place in a unique way and it can be more adventurous and a richer experience to live like a local.

The Home Comfort

No matter how comfortable and luxurious the hotels are but that homely feel you can get only in holiday homes. It’s as simple as logic to have everything you need when you are at home. A lot of extra things that a vacation home has been equipped to be enjoyed. So it can really be a “home away from home” on holidays.

Pet Friendly

Most of the Holiday homes allow you to bring your fury friend along to enjoy your holidays with them.


If you are an owner and would like to rent out your property as a Holiday Home, list it here


Advantages of hotels over Holiday Homes

Check-in times

Hotels are more flexible in check-in times. Usually there is no restriction as the front desk is open 24 hours. However, in holiday homes, the owner either specifies the time or you have to speak to them in advance and let them know about your arrival time. Simply because the owner has to handover the keys to you. It gets more difficult when you do not know your reaching time in advance or if you intend to do late check-in.

Security Deposit

Almost all the Holiday homes or apartments require security deposit. A certain percentage of the total amount you have to pay in advance at the time of booking. Sometimes the owners do not accept credit cards, in that case, be prepared to pay the security deposit and the outstanding amount in cash. Again it needs pre planning with the owner.

Flexible cancellation policy

Hotels usually offer a flexible cancellation policy with the option to cancel 24 hours before check in for full refund. That is not the case with Holiday homes. Most of them have strict cancellation policy and you only get a certain amount refunded in case of cancellation. So check their policies before booking the holiday home.


As I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the article, choosing between a self-catering holiday home and a hotel all depends on the purpose and duration of the visit. I hope this comparison will help you in making your decision for the next holidays. These are few things to keep in mind though.

Here are few TIPS on booking a holiday home.

1. What’s included in the price

Check if basic kitchen essentials are included such as tea bags or salt and pepper shakers, so that you are prepared in case it’s not being provided. The same goes for towels, bed linen, tea towels and toiletries, such as soap and shampoo.

2. Property’s accessibility

Enquire about the accessibility of the property in case you need to use wheelchair or need assistance with it.

3. Bringing your pet

Check if the owner allow the pets at their property as not all the holiday homes offer this. So avoid last minute disappointment if you want your furry friend to come along with you.

4. Amend/cancellation policy

It’s worth being aware of their booking date change and cancellation policy. It varies and some owners have strict policies and are not willing to refund the full amount in case you wish to change or cancel your booking.

5. Go with a reputable company

There are so many options available but always book with a reputable company for that peace of mind. Companies like which has 1.2 million live vacation rental listings in 190 countries is reliable. Another company that is trustworthy is and has 50,000 registered local hosts in over 150 countries. Both of these companies have excellent track record and guests reviews.



If you are after luxury holiday cottages in the UK or Ireland. I would highly recommend Rural Retreats. They have over 450 stylishly presented country houses and cottages to choose from, each carefully selected to meet high standards of comfort, Rural Retreats makes it easy to find just the holiday home you are looking for. Many are buildings of historical importance, beautifully and imaginatively restored and refurbished to meet modern standards. There are 26 former lighthouse keeper’s cottages in spectacular coastal locations. All these making it a promising luxury treat!

As usual all opinions expressed are my own. Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment box. So which one of the two would you prefer – Holiday Home or Hotel?



  1. Very nice article. It shows all what future traveller or tennant should keep in mind before deciding what he/her want to go for.
    And there is a lot of truth regards deposits, checks-in and even cancellation policies.

    I would advice travellers to read it before they go on holidays.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Krzysztof. I’m glad you liked the article and found it useful.

  2. Hi Jyoti,

    I haven’t heard of a holiday home before, it sounds like a great option.

    All hotels I’ve been to have the WiFi and parking included with the room, otherwise I wouldn’t stay. For a day or more it’s not worth it.

    I like the idea of renting a holiday home for a family get together, although for the ones who don’t accept credit cards it may not be convenient. Checking the policies is always a great idea.

    Thanks for your informative article, it was interesting to see these are available.


    1. Thank you Patsy. I’m glad you liked the article and found it useful. I’ve been using holiday homes for 5 years now and they are a fantastic option for us as a family. However, as with any other thing, you do have to have a thorough look at the policies.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great post! I always used hotels in the past but for many destinations they are so expensive and often the food is very disappointing if going all inclusive. I have now started using holiday homes when going anywhere and I love that homely feel like you’ve talked about. I have used Rural retreats before and they are great. The UK has so much to offer especially in the summer months and you can just pack up your car and go! I think more and more families are doing this now that prices to go abroad are so high during peak season.

    1. Thank you Vicki for the compliment and your feedback on Rural Retreats. They are great indeed. I had a very good experience with them! Thanks for stopping by.

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