Top 10 Places To Visit in France

Top-rated tourist attractions and must-see places in France

Tour de France on the list already? Very well done, happy feet! Every traveller’s dream list has this one beautiful destination to visit at least once in a lifetime. The gorgeous sights and gleaming lights are enough to steal anybody’s heart just by the thought of it. Let alone, when you actually get to see them and feel the Francis air.

While you’re busy listing down the delicious eateries and hangout spots, don’t forget to find and book your accommodation in France. Because for next few days, you have a date with the glamorous country and it won’t disappoint you with its world-class delights, stunning sites and pretty and warm resorts, clubs, villas and apartments.

The Queen-like Paris

Well, of course, none other cities could be a better start Paris, the city of love and romance, the city of lights and the hub of fashion. It needs to be on the list for all of its legendary beauty. A trip to France without Paris on the list wouldn’t be Tour de France anymore. The best time or season to visit? The whole year. You can stay here for a week, a couple more or the rest of your life. The capital city of France has a lot to do and see including secret sneak out spots. From iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe to every dreamers’ first dream, the Disneyland, Paris alone has pretty much to show you.

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Here’s a list of Top 10 places to visit in France and must-see tourist attractions you just can’t miss!


1. Disneyland

The best spot for the whole family and a beautiful alternative to original Los Angeles’ Disneyland. Meet Mickey Mouse and all the other characters in Fantasyland. The high rising resorts, shopping hubs and theme parks make it one of the most visited attractions in the world.

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2. The Eiffel Tower

The Icon of the city – Eiffel Tower. You have not been to Paris if you did not see the Eiffel Tower. The place where love is always in the air Gorgeous and iconic, one of its own kind Eiffel Tower looks beautiful in the day and even more magnificent in the night lights. If it’s your romantic tour, the place will surely give just the right dose you have come here for.

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3. The Louvre Museum

The most visited museum on this planet located in the Louvre Palace. The museum is much more royal to visit than it is to pronounce. Louvre has everything from Da Vinci’s iconic “Mona Lisa” to Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave.” The Louvre Museum will feed the art affectionate soul in you.

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4. Jardin du Luxembourg

The colourful Luxembourg gardens make up the second largest park in Paris. If this is your family trip, you definitely need to visit the park for a picnic in the beautiful lawns and fruit orchards. There’re jogging paths, playgrounds, pony rides, puppet shows, model boats and fitness equipment for picnic worthwhile.


5. Pere Lachaise Cemetery

A historical Napoleon icon, the Pere Lachaise became a municipal cemetery in 1804. It is the most visited cemetery in the world with iconic sculptures and monuments. Many famous people including Oscar Wilde and Doors’ Jim Morrison have been rested under this cemetery.


6. Arc de Triomphe

Another Napolean’s historical structure constructed in 1806 to honour the grace of triumphal battles. Its elevation is as mind-boggling as its history. About 164 feet high and 148 feet wide, the construction will make your eyes spark with its royalty.

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7. Cliffs of Etretat

On your trip to France, do not miss the amazing cliffs of Etretat. The place has become a major tourist attraction with castles and villas, casinos and resorts having such a beautiful view of the sea and the warm sun. If you want to catch the best of its sights, plan a spring trip and land right on to these cliffs. Each cliff is famous and known by its own names like Aval’s Door, the Manneporte, the Needle and the Aumont’s Cliff.



 8. The Notre Dame Cathedral

If you’re a fan of history, art and architecture, you won’t want to miss visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral. This Cathedral like all the other French spots is the most visited place cathedral. People enjoy its specific gothic artwork and architecture with rose windows like a cherry on the top.

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9. Sacre Coeur

A complete work of amazing art, stained glass windows, gold mosaics and stunning white dome, the Sacre Coeur is one of the most favourite tourists’ attraction. The striking basilica is the pride of Montmartre Hill constructed at its highest peak with marble and gold.

10. Museum Picasso

The National Picasso Museum is finally reopened and is located in the historic Marais District. It is housed in the Hôtel Salé and is fully-renovated. Vaulted cellars on the lower ground floor, attic rooms on top floor. Its a historic setting with modern minimalist interiors. Over 500 works by the artist are presented.

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The list will go on and you will find a lot to do throughout the trip. The eateries are aesthetic in their own beautiful way and the architecture throughout the country takes our breath away. If you’re a newbie or a regular visitor to this magical place, Summer France offers the most convenient ways to reserve a suite or find the most economical accommodation nearest to the places you visit. They are well reputed and the 3rd largest accommodation rental provider in France specialising in villas with pools, ski chalets, hotels and self-catered residences in both well-known resorts and rural retreats.

That was my list of Top 10 places to visit in France, but as I said earlier, there is so much more to do in this magical place. Don’t forget to carry the summer essentials for that perfect Instagrammable moments. For a complete list of travel essentials, check out my article – Summer Holiday Packing Checklist – Travel Essentials. So go ahead, get ready to live your dream!



    1. Thank you for the comment Larry. I’ve been to The Loire Valley and Chenonceau Castle as well. As you know France has so much to offer, it’s impossible to cover them all in just one article! Which are those 3 places you have been to from my list?

  1. Although I have never been to France-except to fly over it-I have always had it on my bucket list! Your article has really rekindled that fire in me, thank you. Do you know if Paris offers a “city Ticket” like they do in London where you buy a single pass to go to all the main attractions in the city? Thanks again-great article!

    1. Thank you Vic for the great comment. I’m glad that my article inspired you to pack your bags for France. 

      I’m not very sure of the “city ticket” kind of thing in Paris. Have a look at TicketBar and Ticketmaster. These websites offer combination tickets to the main attractions, museums, etc. Hope you find them useful for your next trip to Paris.

  2. Lovely France! Wonderfully written. I never knew that there is a disneyland in france. It was wonderful knowing that. The Louvre Museum is worth visiting to see the great design engineer ever lived in this planet. Vinci was much ahead of his time and no words can ever express him. Reading your blog made France my next travel destination. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Saurav. I’m glad you liked the article and inspired to visit France. 

  3. You’ve made the perfect list of things to do when in France. Now I have my itinerary set.

    I think I’d be most excited about Disneyland Paris and the Louvre. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower from a distance, but didn’t get the chance to go to any of these places on my one day visit. You’ve given me some things to think about in my future travels. Truly appreciated.

    1. Thank you Jaime. I’m glad you liked the article and found it useful for your next trip to Paris.

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